25 July 2012

SOL chapter 9

Assalamualaikum :) 

“Do you take Kim Seohyun to be your wedded, and in the presence of these witnesses do you vow that you will do everything in your power to make your love for her a growing part of your life? Will you continue to strengthen it from day to day and week to week with your best resources? Will you stand by her in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, and will you shun all others and keep yourself to her alone as long as you both shall live?”

“Yes, I do.” The groom said.

“Now I announce you as husband and wife, you may exchange rings.” The newlyweds exchange rings and kissed.

After the ceremony, Jessica go out for a while; try to relax her mind. She feels regret because she didn’t do that earlier. She sit on the chair with a glass of water in her hand. Then, someone approach her.

“Hello Jessica. How are you doing? You’ve become prettier since the last time I saw you.” Jessica turned to the voice. The voice that she know very well.

Jaejoong smile. “How you can be here?” Jessica asked.

“Well, the groom’s father was a friend of my father. That’s why I’m invited to this wedding.” Jaejoong explained.

Jaejoong, who was Jessica’s boyfriend, left her because of another girl. Jaejoong is the person who she doesn’t want to meet the most. She really hate Jaejoong.

“Okay, now it’s the time for bride to throw the bouquet. Girls, get ready. “ The MC said.

Jessica who trying to get away from Jaejoong is the one who get the bouquet. Seohyun just smile. She know that Jessica will find her true love.

“Jessica, good luck! Hope that you’ll find your man soon.” Seohyun walks to Jessica with her husband.

“The man is here, Seohyun.” Jaejoong interrupted.

“Who want to get married with you? Get lost, Jaejoong!” Jessica pulled her tongue out to Jaejoong.

“Because the man is here!” Another voice interrupted. Jessica smiled. She know that he will come too.

“Yahh! Why are you late?” Jessica asked.

“I’m sorry, I have some errand to do.” He kissed Jessica’s cheek before he take out a ring and propose to Jessica, “Will you marry me, Jung Soo Yeon?”

“Awwww, Jessica! Just accept it!” Seohyun shouted. Jessica starting to blush and she nod her head.

“Yes..” The crowd clapped for them .

“Phew, I’m so nervous to ask this, but I’m so happy now!” He shouted. 
Jaejoong who become witness of the proposal , just clap happily for them. He know that he cannot win Jessica’s heart anymore. He feel regretted for what he did to Jessica before.

“Congratulations, Jessica.” Jaejoong said.

“Thank you, Jaejoong.” Jessica replied. Then, Jaejoong walks away from four of them.

“Seohyun, if you please excuse us?  Congratulations, Seohyun!” Jessica said while hugging her bestfriend.

Jessica leave with her husband-to-be. Seohyun looks at her husband. “I love you” “I love you too.”

 Till then, Assalamualaikum

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