24 July 2012

SOL chapter 8

Assalamualaikum :) 

Seohyun and Donghae are on their last year of university. Both of them always spending their time together. Seohyun really happy for having Donghae by her side. Although they are on different course, but they are still in one faculty. So, they always look out for each other.

Seohyun is quite famous in the university, the Kingkas of the university also fell for her; Jung Yonghwa, Jinwoon, Choi Minho, but she rejected all of them. She’s just comfortable hang out with Donghae, because she knows that Donghae is the only person who can make her happy for now.

Same for Kyuhyun and Jessica; they also on their last year of university. Kyuhyun is very famous in the university because of his cold personality. No one have the braveness to approach him except Jessica. Kyuhyun always spending most of his time with Jessica.  

Despite of his coldness, many girls admired him secretly. The Queenkas try to approach him; Kwon Yuri, Im Yoona and Victoria, but he didn’t give any respond. Jessica is the only girl that can approach him, made Jessica as the hateful person by Kyuhyun’s admirers, but Jessica doesn’t care at all.

Both Jessica and Donghae know that Seohyun and Kyuhyun still have feeling for each other. But, after the incident, they become distant. Jessica and Donghae promise to stay beside them to take care of them. Jessica will contact Donghae to know about Seohyun; she has to do it secretly, because Kyuhyun didn’t give her permission to contact Seohyun anymore. So, she only got to know about Seohyun through Donghae and vice versa. Donghae also got to know about Kyuhyun through Jessica.

This situation continues until they graduate and now they are in working industry. Kyuhyun continue his father business, Cho Holdings, the expert in architecture. He became the president while Jessica works for him, as executive director. Seohyun and Donghae set up a company that specializes in interior design. Cho Holdings right now offering a tender to companies for their new project. Lot of big companies are competing to get the tender, including Seohyun and Donghae.

Seohyun and Donghae’s company, SeoHae Design, is one of the short-listed companies. They need to do the presentation in front of the director and the president. When SeoHae Design’s turn, Kyuhyun feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t know why, but he feels anxious.

“Kyuhyun, are you okay? Are you feeling well?” Jessica asked.

“I’m okay. I don’t know why I’m feeling anxious. But don’t worry, I can handle myself. Thanks for your concern.” Kyuhyun replied.  “Please call the next company to present.” He asked one of his assistant.

Seohyun push the door carefully and walk in front Kyuhyun and Jessica, followed by Donghae. As she wants to bow, she sees Kyuhyun and extremely in shock, but she continue her presentation professionally. Kyuhyun also try to hide his emotion but Jessica notice it. He seems uncomfortable and cannot focus on the presentation.

Seohyun already finish her presentation and go out from the room. The result will come out on 3. Seohyun decide to buy Donghae lunch.

“Donghae, do you want to have lunch while we waiting for the result?” Seohyun asked.

Before Donghae could answer Seohyun’s question, Jessica interrupt.  “Seohyun, I really miss you. How are you, now?”

“I’m fine Jessica; I’ve been missing you too. I’m fine, how about you?” Seohyun smiled.

“How about I treat you guys to lunch? The result will come out later right? So, should we enjoy ourselves? Kyuhyun, do you want to join us?” Jessica asked Kyuhyun who just come out from the room.

“Huh? Lunch? I think I’ll pass. Thank you for the invitation. By the way Jessica, don’t be too late. We have some decision to make. Miss Seohyun, please anticipate the result. ” Kyuhyun said.

“I will.” Seohyun replied.

“Let’s go you guys.”  Jessica pulled her two best friends’ hand.

“Okay, so we agree that SeoHae Design going to be our interior designer and design for our project?” Jessica asked some of the executives. They nod their head as agreement. Jessica smile happily. Who knows that she can work with her best friend and Donghae? Meaning that they can spend time together.

“Thanks for today. Meeting dismissed.” Jessica said. The executives are going out from the room one by one.

Jessica looks at her friend. His mind is not in a good state. “Kyuhyun, are you ready to announce it?”

“Huh? Y……Yeah. Let’s go.” Kyuhyun walks out from the room followed by Jessica.

“Okay, now I want to announce which company we are going to cooperate with” Kyuhyun try to get attention from the crowd who are talking. They shut their mouth and give full attention to Kyuhyun. 

“The company that going to cooperate with us is SeoHae Design. Congratulations. To other company, thank you for trying. I wish all of you the best. SeoHae Design, in 10 minutes, please come into the room. That’s all for today. Thank you.” Kyuhyun bowed.

Seohyun and Donghae high fived each other. They smile happily. This is the first time they get a big project. They feel satisfied because all their hard work paid. They walk hand in hand into the room.

“Hello, I’m Kim Seohyun and this is my co-partner, Lee Donghae.” Seohyun bowed happily but still in professional manner.

“Hello, I’m Cho Kyuhyun and this is my assistant, Jung Soo Yeon.” Kyuhyun bowed back. “So, let’s get straight to our work.”

“Okay.” Seohyun nodded. The discussion went well. They put aside their personal matters because they want this project go well. About 8pm, they stop the discussion.

“That’s all for today. Next week, we’ll have a meeting again.” Kyuhyun ended the conversation.
“Okay, see you later. Thank you.” Seohyun bowed. “Let’s go Donghae.”

“Seo...Seohyun, wait! How about a dinner with us?” Jessica suggested.

“Huh?” “Let’s go Seohyun. I’m hungry…..”Donghae acted like a child. Even now they are already 25, Donghae still a cute boy. It makes Jessica feel jealous.

“Okay.” Seohyun surrender. She can never win against Donghae. She pinches Donghae’s cheek.

“Let’s go.” Jessica said but Kyuhyun sit still on the chair. She pulls Kyuhyun’s hand, “Let’s go, Kyuhyun.”
“Alright, alright.” Kyuhyun followed.

At the restaurant, Jessica and Donghae are the ones talking each other while Seohyun and Kyuhyun just sit awkwardly. Sometimes, they exchange glance. Jessica who noticed this situation giving hint at Donghae.

“The weather is just nice, why don’t we take a walk around here?” Jessica asked.

“That’s a good idea, Jessica. It’s been a long time since we have a break like this, right Seohyunnie?” Donghae looks at Seohyun. Seohyun just smile.

Donghae take Seohyun’s hand and go out from the restaurant. Kyuhyun feels his heart ache so much. He doesn’t know why. Then, Jessica looks at him and signaling him to get up from his seat. Jessica takes his hand and walking behind Seohyun and Donghae. Since the night is a bit cold, Donghae put Seohyun’s hand in his pocket. The people who walk past them might be thinking that they are a couple. After walking for a while, they decide to sit at the park.

“Hurmm, I feel like I want to eat snack, Donghae…” Seohyun rest her head on Donghae’s shoulder. Kyuhyun and Jessica are kind of shocked with their doing. But for Seohyun and Donghae, it’s a routine for them. They already are comfortable with each other.

“Then, should I buy it for you?” Donghae smiled. Seohyun nodded her head. Donghae get up and says “Please wait for a while, okay?”

“Donghae, I want to follow you too!” Jessica said. “Okay, let’s go.”

When Jessica follows Donghae that means just Seohyun and Kyuhyun left. Awkwardness feels in the air. They don’t know how to get rid the awkwardness. Finally, Kyuhyun decide to talk.

Kyuhyun: hurm, Seohyun. How are you doing these days?
Seohyun: As you can see, I’m doing fine. It’s been a long time right?
Kyuhyun: Yeah. Since that accident…..
Seohyun: Yeah. Hurm, the necklace, do you still keep it?
Kyuhyun: Yup. I’m keeping it with me. I bring it wherever I go. Why are you asking for it?
Seohyun: Kyuhyun, can you forgive me and give back the necklace?
Kyuhyun: Why should I?
Seohyun: Because it was mine.
Kyuhyun: It was yours, but now, it is mine.
Seohyun: Kyuhyun, please stop being childish! Why don’t we become like before? I really miss you
                     Kyuhyun. Actually, I really love you Kyuhyun. I can’t live without you. I realize, no matter how
                    hard I try to forget you, no matter how hard I try to hate you, I just can’t do it.

Seohyun’s eyes start tearing up. She doesn’t know how to explain to Kyuhyun. Meanwhile, Jessica and Donghae who just come back from buy snacks hide behind the tree and try to ear dropping Seohyun and Kyuhyun’s conversation.

“I’m sorry, Seohyun. I’m sorry. I’m going to give you back this necklace. But, to forgive you. I still can’t. I’m sorry, Seohyun. Goodbye.” Kyuhyun take out the necklace from his pocket and put in Seohyun’s hand. Then, he walks away from Seohyun.

Seohyun start crying ‘It’s okay, I have Donghae. I know that Donghae is the only one can help me.’

 Till then, Assalamualaikum

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