24 July 2012

SOL chapter 7

Assalamualaikum :) 

Seohyun feel that her head hurts so much. She wants to get up but she can’t. She tries opening her eyes, and realizing that she in the unknown place.  She remembers that she was hit by a car.

“Kyuhyun!” Seohyun shouted. A man comes into the room. It was Donghae.

“Seohyun – ah!  You waked up! Thank god. I’ve been worried for you...” Donghae talked.

“Where is Kyuhyun? I want to talk to him. Donghae, please call him... I really want to talk to him.”
Seohyun cried while shaking Donghae’s hand.

Donghae hug Seohyun and says “Don’t worry, I’ll call him. Don’t worry. Now, you rest first okay...”


~Kissing you oh my love~ Jessica’s phone ringing. The caller is Donghae. Jessica takes the phone and answers the call.

“Hello, Donghae-ah, why? Is there any important matter? “Jessica asked.

“What? Seohyun already waked up from her comma?” Jessica’s statement made one man shocked. Her face changed from happy to a serious one. He keeps playing with the necklace in his hand.

“Kyuhyun, good news! Seohyun already wake up!” Jessica jumped happily. Of course she is happy because her best friend was in comma for about 2 months.

“Kyuhyun, why are you being like this? Let’s go visit her.” Jessica talked.

“Nope. If you want to visit her, just go by yourselves. I’m tired.” Kyuhyun walk into his house.

Jessica sighed. She knows that this is going to happen soon or later. After the accident, Kyuhyun already knew that Seohyun is Juhyun, the person that he really wants to meet. He feels betrayed for almost 2 years. He cannot accept the fact that the person that he been searching actually in front of him, together with him. Jessica always beside Kyuhyun’s side while Donghae take care of Seohyun at the hospital.

 Sometimes, Jessica takes turn with Donghae to take care Seohyun.  Jessica will try to force Kyuhyun come along too with hope that he will forgive Seohyun. But, it didn’t. Kyuhyun seems did not like the same Kyuhyun that she knows before. He became more quiet, and his ego become so high, cold not like the old Kyuhyun.  Jessica walks out from Kyuhyun’s house and go to hospital.

“Okay, now Seohyun, let’s eat okay?” Donghae smiled, trying to cheer Seohyun up.  Seohyun just nod her head. Donghae feed her food, and then the door is opened. A young lady walks in.

“Seohyun-ah! I really miss you!” Jessica run and hugs Seohyun.  

“Yah! Jessica, she’s eating right now!” Donghae yell at Jessica as he giving Seohyun water.

Jessica pouted. “I want to meet my best friend, is that wrong?” She feels a bit jealous when Donghae treat Seohyun better than her.

“Jessica, I miss you so much! Here, let me hug you!” Seohyun smile weakly. Jessica hugs Seohyun back. She really miss her best friend. 

Seohyun looks at Jessica, then to Donghae, and next to the door. She feels weird because Kyuhyun is not there, with Jessica. Somehow, she feels that something is wrong.  She looks at her surrounding, her cloth, and touch her neck. Then, she realizes that the necklace is not with her.

“Necklace? Where is my necklace? Donghae, where’s my necklace?” Seohyun cries again. Donghae hugs her to keep her calm.

‘Why is my heart ache seeing them like this?’ Jessica said to herself. 

“Necklace? What necklace that you are talking about, Seohyun?” Donghae asked while still hugging her.

“The necklace that I always wear. The heart silver necklace, Donghae.” Seohyun looks worried. “I think I lost it. That is my precious thing, Donghae. Did you see it?”

“I think I didn’t see it Seohyun.” Donghae turned to Jessica. Both of them know that Kyuhyun was the one that keep the necklace. Every day, when the three of them together, he keep playing with the necklace; open and close the heart necklace that contain his picture with Seohyun.

“Where’s Kyuhyun, Jessica? I thought that he came with you. ”Donghae asked.

“Ohhh, he said that he tired.  Later, maybe he will come. Don’t worry Seohyun, he’ll come visit you. He must miss you. A LOT.” Jessica replied. Seohyun smiled.

“Doctor said that I can discharge in two days, Jessica. I want to see the world and Kyuhyun. I miss him! ” Seohyun said happily.

Both Donghae and Jessica look at each other. They don’t know how Kyuhyun will treat her after knowing the truth.


“Kyuhyun, I miss you so much!” Seohyun run towards Kyuhyun. Seohyun is very happy to see Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun doesn’t show any expression.

Seohyun realize that Kyuhyun become colder to her, “Kyuhyun, what’s wrong? Why are you being like this?” Kyuhyun just walks away from her.

Seohyun really sad with Kyuhyun. She didn’t expect this from Kyuhyun. ‘Something must have happened to him that he acted like this.’ Seohyun said to herself. She tried to ask Jessica and Donghae because she know, Kyuhyun just hang out with both of them.

“Jessica, Donghae, you guys owe me an explanation.” Seohyun talk seriously. Both of them look at each other and gulped.

“Seohyun, we are very sorry for hiding this from you. Actually, Kyuhyun was the one who keep the necklace until now. He also knew the whole story. Since then, Kyuhyun behave differently from how we know him.” Donghae start the conversation.

“Right, Seohyun. Since he knew that you are Juhyun that he been dying to search. Maybe he’s been hurt since you didn’t tell him the truth. I think better that you talk to him personally.” Jessica convinced.

At Kyuhyun’s house….

‘DING DONG DING DONG’ the door bell is ringing.

“Kyuhyun, who coming? Please go and see...” Mrs. Cho asked her son. Kyuhyun walks lazily to the door.

“Who?” Kyuhyun opened the door and just freeze there.

“Who’s coming, Kyuhyun? Why are you freezing here?” Mrs. Cho come and said, “Seohyun dear, I’ve really missed you, are you fine? I’m sure that you’re completely recovered.” She smiled.

“I’m fine umma. I miss you too you know…” Seohyun hugs Mrs. Cho. She really close to Kyuhyun’s mother and call her mother.

“Why are you coming here, dear?” She asked Seohyun. Kyuhyun already went upstairs leaving both of them in the living room.

“Actually umma, I want to meet Kyuhyun. I have to talk to him about something.” Seohyun replied.

“Ohhh, just go to his room. I’ll make you food.” She said.

“Thank you, umma.” Seohyun replied and going upstairs while Mrs. Cho going to the kitchen.

Seohyun already standing in front of Kyuhyun’s room. She hesitates whether to going in or not. Mrs. Cho that bringing the food upstairs feel weird why Seohyun still standing there and not going into Kyuhyun’s room.  

“Cho Kyuhyun, why are you not inviting Seohyunnie into your room?” Mrs. Cho pulls Seohyun into Kyuhyun’s room.  Kyuhyun as usual, just stay quiet.

“Seohyun, sit here comfortably okay?” Mrs. Cho left the food on the table and going out from the room.

“What do you want?” Kyuhyun asked coldly.

“Hurmmm… K…Kyuhyun. You already know that I’m Juhyun?” Seohyun replied.

“Yup.”He answered.  He takes the necklace on his table and keeps playing with it. “Do you come to take this back?” He swings the necklace in front of Seohyun.  Seohyun try to take it but he keeps playing with Seohyun.

“Kyuhyun! Stop! Give me back my necklace!” Seohyun exploded. 

“Why should I give you the necklace?” Kyuhyun shouted.

“Because that is mine, Kyuhyun. It’s mine.” Seohyun start crying.

When Seohyun start crying, Kyuhyun feel that his heart ache a little. But he still displays his cold face, staring at Seohyun.

“I’m sorry Kyuhyun for not telling you the truth earlier. Actually, I’m waiting for the right time to tell you. But, that day, I involved in an accident. I’m sorry Kyuhyun.” Seohyun sit at Kyuhyun’s bed.

“Actually, on the first day to meet you, I was really shocked. I didn’t expect to see you in my school. I wonder, out of many schools in Seoul, how come you came to my school. I really didn’t want to see you anymore. Unfortunately, I saw you again in my class and became my seatmate. But, I was relieved because you didn’t recognize me at first. Because of the fact that I still like you, I still love you, I can’t hate you no matter hard I tried. So, I decided to get along with you. In that way, I can spend time with you just like the old times we always do. I miss you really. This is the truth that I want to say to you that day. I’m sorry for making you suffering all these years; I wish you happiness, Kyuhyun. Goodbye.” Seohyun wiped her tears and get out from Kyuhyun’s room.

“Umma, thank you so much for today. I’ll go first.” Seohyun smiled to Kyuhyun’s mother. She sent Seohyun out and calling out Kyuhyun.

“What’s wrong with her, Kyu? She’s crying…”Mrs. Cho asked.

Kyuhyun just grip the necklace hard. He knows that he screw up this time. 

 Till then, Assalamualaikum

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