30 July 2012

SOL Final T.T

Assalamualaikum :)

“Hoya oppa! Wait for me!” Eunji shouted while chasing the boy. The boy pulled his tongue out to the girl and stop running. His sudden stop made the girl cannot stop her running and bumped into him and they fall to ground.

“Ouch! Oppa, it hurts! Why are you stop running?” Eunji asked.

“Because I like to see you fall.” Hoya talked and laughing hard.

“Oppa, you fall with me too. Remember that, okay?” Eunji glared at Hoya.

“Okay, mianhae Eunji-ah. I’m sorry. I’m not doing this anymore.” Hoya replied.

“Oppa, you such a liar! You said this last time, but you still doing this…” Eunji pouted.

“What can I do to make Cho Eunji happy? Chocolate?” Eunji’s eyes sparkled.

“Chocolate? Okay, I’ll let it slip this time, but next time, I won’t, okay Hoya oppa?” Hoya nodded his head and smiled.

“That’s why I really love my Hoya oppa!” She hugged Hoya and her action made him blushed.

“Let’s go buy your chocolate. I’m afraid that our parents know we are going to shop for a while.” Hoya pulled Eunji’s hand.

After buying chocolate and ice-cream, they go to their parents.

“Lee Howon, Cho Eunji, where are you going?” Donghae asked. The kids just smile while hiding their ice cream and chocolate.

“Hoya, why are you not buying anything for me?” Donghae asked his son.

“Because you already old, appa. You cannot eat this thing.” Hoya answered innocently. Eunji who is beside Hoya giggled.

“Donghae appa, Hoya oppa bought this for me!” Eunji showed her chocolate to Donghae. “I’ll go to my appa first. Bye.” Donghae nodded his head while watching the little girl going to her dad. Then, he returns to his son.

“Lee Howon, you have an explanation to do.” Hoya just lowered his head. “Appa, I like Eunji.” Donghae just smiled. “Let’s go to your mother. I’m sure that lunch already done by now.”

“Appa, appa, appa!” Eunji shouted happily.

“Cho Eunji, what’s wrong?” Kyuhyun asked.

“Today, I got a gift! Hehehe.” Eunji blushed.

“Aww, my cute daughter…. Who gave you that chocolate? Can I ask some of it?” Kyuhyun replied.
“No, appa! This is very special to me! I’m not going to share with anyone!” Eunji pouted.

“Okay, okay. Now, tell me, who are the ones that gives this choc to you?” Kyuhyun asked. Then, Eunji go to his dad’s ear and whispered shyly, “Hoya oppa.”

“Aww, my daughter has a boyfriend.” Kyuhyun smiled playfully to his daughter.

“Appa!” Eunji hit her dad. Kyuhyun shouted.

“Cho Eunji! That’s hurts. Are you got this powerful hand from your umma?” Kyuhyun rubbed his arm.

“Appa, mianhae. I’m taking taekwondo right? I don’t inherit this from both of you.” Eunji said.

“Okay, let’s go to your umma. I’m hungry. Are you hungry too?” Eunji nodded her head. Kyuhyun get up and walk with his daughter to the camping place.

“Cho Eunji! Cho Kyuhyun! Lee Donghae! Lee Howon! Let’s eat!” Seohyun shouted from far. Jessica busy preparing food for lunch.

The four of them walking together; hand in hand to Jessica and Seohyun. Hoya and Donghae sit beside Jessica while Eunji and Kyuhyun sit beside Seohyun.

“Let’s eat Hoya dear. You must be tired playing, right?” Jessica put the food into Hoya and Donghae’s plate.

“No, umma. I feel that today is the best day of my life. I’m so happy playing with Eunji and meet Kyuhyun appa and Seohyun umma.” Hoya answered happily.

“Yeah, and you giving Eunji a chocolate, right?” Kyuhyun winking at him and made Hoya blushed then he nodded his head.

“Hoya, you gave my daughter a chocolate? How sweet!” Seohyun ruffled Hoya’s head. Eunji just hiding behind her umma.

They eat happily. So many things that they talked about. They spend their evening with each other at the camping site. When the night comes, Eunji and Hoya already sleeping while facing each other and holding hands. The elders decide to sit in front of fire for a while.

“I’m sorry Seohyun, for making you wait for me. That’s because I’m still confused about you being Juhyun. I really love you Seohyun.” Kyuhyun stated.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for not telling you the truth. Luckily I have Donghae beside me, who always tell me that you still love me. I love you too Kyuhyun.” Seohyun replied.

Seohyun and Kyuhyun look into each other eyes, and interlock their finger together. They smile.

“Jessica, should we act lovey dovey like them?” Donghae hugged Jessica.

“Donghae, don’t be so loud! You’ll wake up the kids.” Jessica warned.

“I’m sorry, my princess.” Donghae whispered.

“You know what Donghae, I thought that you have feelings to Seohyun. I don’t know but my heart ache whenever you and Seohyun together.” Jessica stated.

“Really? I didn’t know that you jealous seeing me with Seohyun. You know what? Seohyun is just like my sister. So, I’m very comfortable with her. Moreover, actually I keep that feeling for someone.” Donghae replied.

“Who?” “Jung Soo Yeon.” Jessica smiled and rested her head on Donghae’s shoulder.

Both of the couple spending the night in front of fire; watching the fire while reminiscing the times that they have been through together until they fall asleep.

The next morning….

“Eunji, I have something to tell you.” Hoya said.

“What is it?” Eunji replied.

“Saranghae.” Hoya kissed Eunji’s cheek and run away; leaving Eunji who in confusion.

“Let’s go Eunji-ah.” Seohyun called her daughter.  Eunji running to her mom and hold Hoya’s hand who walking beside her.

The elders just smile looking at their child. The season of love has changed. Changing from distrust to loyalty and everlasting trust.  The four of them promise to be together no matter what happen. Because they know, there’s nothing going to break apart their friendship and love to each other.

 Till then, Assalamualaikum

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