12 July 2012

SOL chapter 3

Assalamualaikum :)

Jessica POV

Haish, where are they? History class going to end in 10 minutes and they still not here. So boring, I’m so sleepy. I tap his arm, “Donghae!” I whispered.
“What it is?”He asked.
“Where are they? Why are they taking so long time to get back to the class?”
“Why should I know? Do you think I’m their bodyguard?”Donghae shouted.
“Jessica! Donghae! Why are you guys talking during my class? Detention after school! You guys must clean the class!” The teacher mad.
Why should I stick with this guy? AISSHHH! On the first day but already get detention. Oh man, what an unlucky day.

Donghae’s POV

What????  Detention??
‘This is your fault, ice princess.’ I write the note and give to her.
She writes something and gives the note back to me.
‘It’s your fault too. Who ask you to shout during History class :P’
I just smiled at her.
Wahhh~ so lucky, I can be with ice princess all day .
“Okay class. Please do the homework that I asked you to. Jessica, Donghae, don’t forget your detention.” “Yes, sir!” We say in unison and smile to each other.
Oh, God! She’s totally a goddess.

End of Donghae’s POV

 “Oh, no! Seohyun, we’re already late! Just one period more before school end. Better we go back to our class.” Kyuhyun exclaimed.
“Before that, I want to go the ladies first.” Seohyun said.

In the class…

Donghae’s POV

“Where are them? Why they’re still not here?” Jessica asked me.
Is she worried about her friend or Kyuhyun? Oh MAN! No way! You are mine, Jessica! There’s no one can take you from me, okay!
“Yah, Lee Donghae! Are you listening what I’m saying right now?” She hit my back.
“Ouch, it’s hurt Jung Jessica!” I rub my back. What a powerful girl.
“Serves your right. Why are you ignoring my words just now?”
“No. It’s just that I’m thinking about something.” I’m thinking about you, Sica.
Lucky that there’s no teacher come to the class, otherwise my detention will be heavier and longer.

End of Donghae’s POV

They walk past 3-C which is Kim Hyoyeon’s class. “Kyuhyun!!” Someone call him. A girl’s voice. They stopped their walk and turn behind and found out Hyoyeon behind them.
“Hey, Kyuhyun!” Hyoyeon greet him.
Seohyun turn her head to the front, left Kyuhyun and walked away from them. She doesn’t want her sister to recognize her.
“Hye noona!”  “I wanna ask you, are you new here?” Hyoyeon asked.
“Yup.” Kyuhyun replied.
‘No wonder I never seen him before.’Hyoyeon speaks to herself.
 “Okay noona. I’ll go first. See you next time. Bye!” “Bye!”
Kyuhyun is not aware of Seohyun. He thought that Seohyun was standing behind him. Kyuhyun ran to find her and when he found her, they walk together to their class. The class is so noisy. With Taewook twins, the class is under control. Jessica and Donghae ran to them.

“Hey, what’s wrong with our classmate? They seems like they had seen a ghost. Why?” Kyuhyun asks Jessica and Donghae.
“You ask us what’s wrong?” Jessica said.
“It’s you guys. You guys can’t stop smiling. Is there anything happened between you two?” Donghae asked.
Seohyun and Kyuhyun blushed when Donghae notice about them. Then, they go to their seat. In the middle of the walk to their place, they heard...
“Yah, did they have anything?” “Why are both of them blushing?”
“Omo, why he had to take my Seohyun?”
“Kyuhyun, why should he choose Seohyun? I’m better than her, right?”
They just ignored them. Jessica and Donghae also go to their seat and talk about something.
“Hey, do you smell something fishy about them?” Jessica said.
“Yeah, I think there’s something happened between them.” Donghae replied.

Seohyun and Kyuhyun just stay quiet at their place. The awkwardness floating in the air and they feel uncomfortable with each other. Seohyun read a novel while Kyuhyun playing games.

“Still like the old times.”Seohyun talk by herself.
In Kyuhyun’s mind. ‘I must move on. Maybe I should give up on finding Juhyun. I’m tired. Seohyun is very interesting though. I feel very comfortable around her, just like I did when I’m around Juhyun.  Maybe I should open up my heart for her. I must get to know her.’


The school is over. Jessica and Donghae must stay for the detention. Jonghyun come to Seohyun’s place when she packing her bag.
“Seohyun, let’s go home together. Just the two of us. Let’s go for a date.” Jonghyun greet her.
“Why just the two of us?”Seohyun asked.
“Jessica had to stay for the detention. So, it’s just two of us.” Jonghyun stated.
Kyuhyun seems uncomfortable. He don’t know why , but he seems don’t like the idea of Jonghyun and Seohyun go home together.

“It is true, Jessica?” Seohyun walked towards her best friend.
“Yeah, thanks to this idiot fishy I had to stay for the detention.” Jessica sticks out her tongue to Donghae.
“You’re the one who started it first!” Donghae shouted back to Jessica.
“Okay, enough! I don’t want to hear you guys fighting. Sorry Jonghyun but I have to buy something before I back home.” Seohyun exclaimed.
“If that so, I’ll go first. Bye Seohyun.” He left the class with disappointment. He really likes Seohyun but Seohyun just think of him as a friend, not more than that.
“Jessica, I must left school early.  I need to buy some groceries. So I can’t help you.”Seohyun said.
Jessica said, “It’s...” but then Donghae said “Don’t worry Seohyun. I’ll take care of it. I will take care of my ice princess. Believe me.”
“I think he really likes you. Why don’t you accept him?” Seohyun whispered to Jessica’s ear. She just laughed. “No way, Seohyun!” Sica whispered back to him.
“Are you guys talking about me?”Donghae interrupted. Jessica gives him icy cold gaze that make Donghae continues his job. ‘She sure a scary person too’Donghae said.
“I’ll go first, okay. Bye Sica, Donghae!” Seohyun walked out from class.
“Seohyun, wait! Seohyun stopped and turned back.
“What?” She said to Kyuhyun.
“Can I be your company? I’m bored if I have to wait for Donghae. I think he’s going to be late.” Kyuhyun asked Seohyun.
Seohyun just ignored him and continue her walk. But then, Kyuhyun walk beside her and Seohyun just let him to do that.

“I think there’s definitely something happened between them. I must ask Seohyun about this.” Jessica mumbling to herself and Donghae heard her mumbling.
“What’re you mumbling about, Jessica?” They have been silent since Seohyun and Kyuhyun gone. Too busy cleaning the class because they need to back home as fast as they can.
“No, it’s just I think they’re linking to each other in the past. Kyuhyun didn’t tell you anything, Donghae?”
“No. He just told me that his girlfriend, Juhyun left him without news and he said that she’s studying here. Actually she’s not his girlfriend, but Kyuhyun really loves her.  Do you know anyone with the name Juhyun, Jessica?” Donghae asked her.

Jessica’s POV

Hurm, wait. Seohyun’s real name is Seo Juhyun. Then, she changes her name to Kim Seohyun. So, Seohyun is Kyuhyun’s past girlfriend? Why she never told me about this?

“Hello! Hello!” Donghae waving his hand in front of my face.
“You are always dreaming. What are you dreaming about?” He flashed his cheeky smile.
“Mind your own business, fishy!” I feel I want to throw up seeing his cheeky smile even though he is cute.
I look at the surrounding and glad the class had been cleaned up. Donghae is really an amazing boy. I think he’s did most of the job and I only clean the board and arrange the desks. 5 star for him!
“Okay, the job is done! Let’s go, Jessica!” He pulled my hand and walk out from the class.
“Let me send you home, Jessica. It’s dangerous to be alone in this hour.” He let go of my hand when we already in front of school gate.
“It’s okay. I’m already used to it.” I wave to him and say goodbye.
“Jessica, wait! It’s not okay to me. I must send you home otherwise my heart will not be calm.” Oh, how sweet!
It really remembers me to my ex-boyfriend.
Yup, my ex-boyfriend.
“Thanks Donghae for sending me home. See you tomorrow, okay? Bye” I walked into the house and bid my farewell to her.
He’s so charming and I think I’m going to fall in love again.

 “Seohyun let me help you with your things. So many things you bought. Are you going to hold a party?” Kyuhyun asked Seohyun.
She just let Kyuhyun carry all the groceries.

Kyuhyun’s POV

Why is she acting cold to me? It’s really hard to tackle back her heart. Aissshh~ We walk and walk. Then, she stops. I guess this is her house.
“Thank you for sending me home and carry the groceries.” She takes the groceries from my hand.
“Most welcome, dear!” I flashed a smile and watch her until she disappear from my sight. Then, I continue my walk to home. First day with so many incidents.


Seohyun and Kyuhyun getting well with each other day by day, meanwhile Jessica and Donghae always fighting like Tom & Jerry, but it didn’t affect their friendship. Everyday, they spend time together. Seohyun happy because Kyuhyun doesn’t know her true identity. As for Kyuhyun, he thinks that Seohyun was the girl that can open his heart to love again.

One day, recess time, as usual those four peoples go to the canteen.

“Seohyun, what do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it for you.”Kyuhyun asked.
“Oh, Kyuhyun. You such a sweetie, hurmm, I just wanna eat bread.”Seohyun replied.
“Okay.”Kyuhyun walk to the counter and heard Donghae shouted “Yahhh! Wait for me , Cho Kyuhyun! Jessica, I’ll buy yours okayy? Don’t worry…”he turned to Jessica before running to Kyuhyun. Jessica slips her tongue out.
“Jessica, why are you being mean to him? He’s a good guy you know?”Seohyun smiled.
“Ahhh, I don’t want to involve with any guys anymore. The pain being in a relationship is unbearable you know?”Jessica said.
“Jessica, you thinks all boys are like Jaejoong? Just give him a chance. I think Donghae really likes you.”Seohyun sighed. She don’t know what to say. She hope that her bestfriend can change her bad perceptionto guys. Until when she going to be like that?
“How about you?”Jessica replied.
“Me? Why?”Seohyun seems uneasy with that question. She seems nervous with Jessica sudden question to her.
“Actually, I have something to ask, but I don’t think that I want to talk here. Can we go to other place?” She suggested.
“Hurm, okay.” Kyuhyun and Donghae just arrived and seat as they give the food to the girl.
“Thanks boys, but we have to go. We have something to do.”Seohyun said.
“And, don’t wait for us. See you guys in the class later.” Jessica said while bid goodbye to the boys.

Under the tree , somewhere in the school.

“Okay , Seohyun. Now, tell me. I wanna know everything about Kyuhyun.”Jessica suddenly being serious.
“What? You have been know him for 4 months right? I think you already know as much as I know. Why?”Seohyun asked.
“No, I don’t want to know about that. It’s hard for you to approach any guy so closely like Kyuhyun. But, why with Kyuhyun you seems comfortable. Are you related to Kyuhyun somehow in past?” Jessica asked again, waiting for an explanation from Seohyun. Seohyun sighed. She know, Jessica will ask this question too.
“Come on, Seohyun, there’s no secret between us right?”

“Okayy…………..I’ll tell you.”


“Kyuhyun, I feel happy for you. Seeing you smile again, after Juhyun left youu, I feel proud.” Donghae touched Kyuhyun’s shoulder.
“Yah! You sound like my dad. Hahaha. Well, I think maybe I should forget her. But, with Seohyun, I really feel that I’m with Juhyun you know, her smile, her hair, I don’t know but she really resemble Juhyun. A lot."Kyuhyun sighed. He already look at students’ list  but there’s no student named Seo Ju Hyun.  He don’t know what to do.
“Okay, let’s eat. Don’t be so depressed man. Now, you have Seohyun, right?”Donghae said.
Kyuhyun just eat while remind the past….

 Till then, Assalamualaikum

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