04 July 2012

Season of Love Ch. 2

Assalamualaikum :)

okayy, Chapter 2 coming! ^^

Jessica POV

Donghae. That's the guy's name that sits beside me. I try to be friendly with him. Ms. Gyuri gives time for us to get know our partner. He has brown eyes, messy hair. But, he's cute. This is the first time I’m attracted to ordinary man. But he cannot defeat my Daniel Henney. Kekeke. But I won’t be easily attracted to him. I must show him my personality that everyone can’t resist…. He suggests that we should sit at the front. So, I just follow him. He sits beside window.

“Okay, so we should introduce ourselves…..
“No need. You are Lee Donghae. From Jeonju. I know already.” I made face to him and cut his talk.
“Wow! You sure interested in me , huh young lady ? “ Donghae asked me.

Oh my, I think I’ve found my rival. He’s quite like me. Well, my days gonna be fun after this. Or maybe not……..

“Oh, oh, don’t be so confident young man. It just you talk much during introduce yourself just now.” I replied.
“Ok then, it’s your turn now.”
“Name. Jung Soo Yeon. My friend call me Jessica.”
“So, where do you live?” He constantly asking me. I’m getting bored.
"15 minutes from school. Near to the amusement park." I replied him with smile.
 Just going to give him the best first impression of me.
"Oh." He just throws his sight to window and he smiled.
What's wrong with this guy? I tried to look where he is looking,

It's Seohyun's voice. I turned to her. The whole class turned to her too.
"Seohyun, what happened? You look pale," Ms. Gyuri asks her.
I want to go to her but our seats are so far.
This is our new seat.

Donghae/ Jessica    Nicole / Jonghyun   Taeyeon / Ryeowook

Student / Student
  Student / Student    Student / Student

Student / Student
  Sohee / Key              Student / Student

Minho / Hara
          Student / Student   Seohyun / Kyuhyun

So far...
"It's nothing madam. I'm okay."
"Are you sure, Seohyun?" "Y… Yes." Seohyun stuttering.
What's wrong with her today? I must ask her at recess time...
"OK class, the reason I put you like this because I want you cooperate with your partner in study. You must help each other so that we can maintain our academic perfomance. So, do your best. Let’s start our lesson." Ms. Gyuri said.
I just take out my book and listen to Ms.Gyuri...

rd period~

Kyuhyun POV

This girl is really weird... Do I have a gangster look? No way, everyone says that I have the sweetest look in the world... but, why every time she looks at me, she turned pale?? I must ask her.I take out my small notebook that I take it wherever I go. Look like my diary...I write something and give to her..

Seohyun POV

Now, Chemistry class. One of my favorite subjects. But, I can't concentrate 100% on this class because of Kyuhyun, the guy that almost destroy my life sit beside me...I just ignored him but inside my heart, full of hate. Then, Kyuhyun give me notebook. He told me to look at the notebook.

'Why are you avoiding me.?'
I reply, 'What? Better you pay attention to the class.'
':P, I don't care. Hehe, what's your name?'
'My name is Seohyun! Don't disturb me. I can't concentrate because of you'
After finished some quick exercise by the teacher, I look to my right ; watching Kyuhyun still struggling finishing some chemical equations. He still same like before. Just his hair become more longer and he became more handsome. His hair looks messy, but still cute. I smiled when I look at him.Suddenly, he turned to me and smile.

"You look beautiful when you smile." I blushed when he say that. "Your smile like my old friend." He added.

OMG! He doesn't recognize me? Yeah! I remember. He only knows me as Juhyun. Not Seohyun. SO, why I have to be cold to him?

"Thanks." I say to him. I should be friend with him as long as he didn’t know the real me. Seriously , even if I hate him, but I can’t deny that I really miss him. I wanna talk to him like the old times.

Krinnngggg! The bell is ringing.

"Ok class. Time is up. Seohyun and Kyuhyun, can you help me put your friends’ book at my table during recess?"
"Of course, Madam. Don't worry." Kyuhyun replied. I shocked with his answer. But, never mind, I don't care actually.

Kyuhyun's POV

Her smile! I love it. It makes me calm. English time! Yeay! My favourite subject! Well, before I really hate English. But because of Juhyun, I really like English. I sighed… Juhyun, where are you ?
I walked to home..." How I'm supposed to talk English? I'll be embarrassed by my classmates tomorrow!"
"Mom, I'm back!" I walked to my room and lie down on the bed...
"Better I go to the park. Maybe I can get some ideas..."
At the park……
"Arggghh! I don't get any idea! I don't know what to do now!!!"
"Excuse me. Why are you screaming like mad??" One girl approached me…..
"Oh, it's nothing... About homework..." I replied.
"Can I sit beside you?" "Sure"
"My name is Juhyun.”
"Juhyun? I remember now! You're the girl form class A right??"
"Yes, Can I help you with your problem?"
"Actually I have a problem with my homework. My teacher asks the class to write an English speech or talk, about anything. And I must present it in front of my classmates."
"Well, what is your problem?"
"My problem is that I don't know English. My English is bad you know." I felt calmed when I talk to this girl.
Well, the girl is not very pretty, she has pimples all around her face. But, I love her smile. But, doesn't she know that I'm the ones who always make her cry everyday at school?
"I can help you." Juhyun replied me.
"You don't hate me for what I've done to you?"
 "Actually yes, but I must help people who are in problem..."
"Thank you very much, Juhyun."
The next day…
"Juhyun, thank you for your help. I got A for my speech!" I talked to her happily.
"Really? That's good! Congrats to you!" She replied.
"Then, why not we study together every evening?" I made a suggestion to her.
"Okay. We can help each other with study."

Starting from that day, we always study together. She’s great in English & Science. I;m great in Math. So, we’re helping each other. It’s really fun. After 4 months become friends, I thought that I should give her a present. Now, I don't want to make her cry again. She always helps me whenever I got problems in my studies. I went to a shop and found a very beautiful silver necklace. It was a heart shaped necklace. It was a limited edition necklace. This is suitable for her. I bought it...I noticed that the necklace can be opened. I decide to put my picture and her picture in the necklace. I called her up and asked her to meet at the park…
"Juhyun, I want to give this to you..."
"What is 'this' that you talking about?"
"Close your eyes."
I held out a heart-shaped box, "Open your eyes now..."
"OH my god! What is this?" She looks so surprised with my gift,
"This is a necklace, Juhyun! I hope you can accept it and be my BEST BEST FRIEND!"
Later on, she nodded her head and smiled at me. Ohhh, I really love her smile…I'm really happy that she accepted my gift. I think fell in love with her. I walked her home. Not really a home, but it’s still a place where she lived; an orphanage. Her parents died in an accident when she was 2. I felt bad for doing bad things to her before. Now, I’m going to be better to her. She smiled and waved to me and walked into the orphanage.
End of flashback

Yeah. The necklace. I can find her by the necklace. Kyuhyun, you're the most clever person in this world. Hehehe. Wait my dear Juhyun. I’ll definitely find you.

"Kyuhyun, what are you doing?" Seohyun asked me.
"Oh, nothing! I just think about something." I replied her.
"Necklace?" Did I say it too loud? I hit my head. Babo.
"It's nothing. Really."
"Oh, Okay"
Lucky me.

Jessica POV

Kringggg! The bell is ringing. Yeay! Recess time. I'm hungry right now. I wave to Seohyun and she come to me and says, "Jessica, I don't think I can eat with you. I must send these books to the staff room with Kyuhyun."

I pouted and say, "Then, I don't have friend to eat together..."
"Donghae, can you eat with Jessica?" Kyuhyun say while walking to us.
"Well, yes sir!" Donghae say while doing salute post.


"Then, we better get going now Seohyun otherwise there's no time to eat" Kyuhyun exclaimed.
"Okay, bye Jessica."
"Can we go now? " Donghae asked me.

I just walk quickly out of the class and ignored him.

"Hey! Wait for me!" he shouted. I just walk. He run and he's breathing is so loud. Then, he walks with me.
"Why you leave me?"
"It's up to me"

When we heading to the canteen, he always looks at the pretty girls, whenever pretty girls walk past us, he will greet them.I don't like his behaviour. PLAYBOY! Why I must stuck with guy like this? Maybe I just don’t have luck with men.

End of Jessica POV

Seohyun and Kyuhyun walk together to the staff room. They enter the room and put the books on teacher’s table. When they walked out from the staff room, Seohyun's foot hit the boxes in the staff room that makes her fall but Kyuhyun pull her and Seohyun fall on him...

Kyuhyun's POV

OMG! The necklace! It's same that I give to Juhyun.
Seohyun get up and ask me, "Are you okay?"
She pulled me up and I thanked her.
"I’m the one who should said that , Kyuhyun."
She’s trying to get off the dust on her uniform. How I’m supposed to ask her about the necklace. Nah, I think I might be mistaken about that. But it could be true though..ARGGGGHHHHH. I don’t know…….

End of Kyuhyun POV

Seohyun chuckles when she see Kyuhyun talking to himself. Seohyun waves her hand in front of Kyuhyun but he seem unaware about that.

“Kyuhyun! What are you doing standing still here. Come on, let’s go get something to eat. I’m hungry now, don’t you feel the same?” Seohyun grabs Kyuhyun’s hand and he seems shocked but just let Seohyun leads him.

Seohyun POV

I pull his hand get out from the staffroom. He is seriously, always daydreaming. Never changed. It remains me of our old times. I take his hand so that we can walk together.
Yeah, we were like this before. Walking together hand in hand until most of my friends at the orphanage thought that he and me are a couple. No way! Yeah, it’s totally a lie if I said that I never have feeling to him. I like him so much because he was the first boy that approved me back then. I don’t really have much interest to be friend with boys. So, he was kind of special to me. Kekekeke ^^

“Ermmm.. Seohyun.” My monologue is disturbed by him.
”Hands. Our hands.”Kyuhyun pointed to our hands. My hand and his hand are held tightly. Suddenly, I hear people whispering. OH MY GOD! I’m forget that we’re in school. I just let go of his hand and run away.  KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’m so embarassed…. >.<
I can hear Kyuhyun calling me but I just let my foot take me somewhere else.

End of Seohyun POV

Donghae's POV

Wow! This canteen is so big! Bigger than my old school. So many foods. Wow! I can't choose what I want to eat. Better I ask Jessica. "What do you want to buy, Jessica?" I turned to my right but there's no one. I shouted her name few times, but there's no reply. Other student looked at me and whispered to each other. Ahh! I don't care if they say I'm crazy. I'm really worried about her. I shouted her name again.

"Donghae! I'm here!" one voice shouted back at me. That's Jessica waving her right hand to me while the other hand full with foods. How a cute girl like that eating so much food.I walked towards her.

 "Donghae, why are you shouting my name like mad?" Jessica asked me.
"Oh, it's nothing. It's just I'm worry about you."
“I think that you should worry about yourself, Donghae,” I just smiled. She sure very cold to me. But I can’t deny her beauty.
"Okay, let's find a place to eat." I replied. "Okay."
She followed me from back. I find a table and it just for the two of us. I pull out the chair and let Jessica sit on it.
"Thanks Donghae. But please don't treat me like a princess. You are just too much." She
"Jessica, do you eat that much?" I pointed to the food that she bought.
"Idiot. I buy for you too." She replied.
Yeah! I forgot that I haven't bought anything. "Thanks ice princess. You such a nice girl."
“Yeah, welcome you fishy Donghae.”
I become more attracted to her and want to know her more.

Jessica's POV
Ice princess? "Donghae, why you call me ice princess?" I asked him.
"Like this, I call you by that name because you always give me icy cold stare and you're only princess in my heart." He explained.

Yeahh, totally playboy. We just met for few hours and he called me princess? Yuck!

“You make me feel want to puke! Fishy Donghae!”
“Why are you calling me fishy? That name is gross you know,” He pouted. He so cute. Jessica, don’t say that. Later, you will attracted to him.
“Well, you kind of have that playboy vibe in you. HAHAHA. That’s why I want to call you that.”
“Let's finish our food. Recess is almost over." He replied.
End of Jessica’s POV

Kyuhyun run around the school to find Seohyun. After 5 minutes running, he stopped. He's really out of breathing. Suddenly, he remembered Seohyun said that she hungry.  He's trying to find the canteen since he's new here. He running and keep running and suddenly he bumped into one girl.

"Sorry! Sorry! I'm in hurry! Are you hurt?" Kyuhyun asked the girl.
"It's okay! I'm Hyoyeon from 3-C. You?" The girl asked.
"I'm Kyuhyun from 2-A. Nice to meet you noona." Kyuhyun replied.
"Noona, I'm sorry! Your knee is bleeding! What can I do for you?"Kyuhyun asked Hyoyeon.He looked worried.

Hyoyeon's POV

Wow! This Kyuhyun guy is so gorgeous! Unfortunately, he's younger than me. Well, I can make him my toyboy.

“As my apologize, I’ll send you to the infirmary.” He said.
“Thanks for helping me. I hope we can see each other again.” I said to him.
“Don’t worry, we can always see each other. I got to go first. Take care of your wound, noona.”He flashed a charming smile.

Wow! This boy sure hot. But, how I didn’t see him before? Anyway, better I go to class. Recess will end anytime.

Kyuhyun's POV

After I helped that Hyoyeon noona, I walk and found a place. It's very big. So many tables. Wait! Is this canteen? Wow! Huge enough for 500 students. I walked into the canteen. Ouch! My stomach hurts. I haven't eaten yet.


Omo! Recess time already over. I can't find her myself and hungry right now. I hope that I can talk to her about this later. Arghh! My stomach!
"Kyuhyun!" I heard one voice called me and I'm sure that Donghae's. I try to find where he is.
"I'm here." I turned to Donghae and Jessica is beside him. They walked together to my place where I'm standing right now.
"Hey Donghae, Jessica." I said.
"What's wrong with your face, Kyuhyun?" Jessica asked me.
"WHY?" "You look so pale." She replied.
"Maybe I didn't eat, so that's why my face turned pale." I explained.
"Here, eat this." Donghae give me bread. Wahh! I'm grateful for having him as my friend.
"Thanks, Donghae." I hugged Donghae like a child.
"You should thank Jessica." He pointed to Jessica.
"Thanks, Jessica.”
"Welcome. That's what a friend for. Kyuhyun, where's Seohyun? Why I didn't see her?" Jessica asked me.
What I'm going to say to her? "Urm, urm...she tells me that she's going to canteen first. Didn't you see her?" I replied nervously.
"No, I haven't seen her in canteen. Where did she go?"
"Maybe she already at the class. Let's go to class. We'll be late. Kyuhyun, can you eat the bread while we walking to our class?" Donghae said.
"Of course." I said. Thanks Donghae for your positive thinking. Yeah. She maybe already at the class.

End of Kyuhyun's POV

Class 2-A

Jessica's POV

Aishh! Thus class is so noisy. With the Taewook twins, that's the nickname that I got for them. Hurm, History subject. What a boring subject. I don't like this subject. Haishhh.

"Hi class. Is everyone already in class?" Mr. Park Jaebum comes into the class. He's so tough and muscular. Lucky for who marry to him. Ohh, I'm forget that he's already married. He's married to Mrs. Park Gyuri, my homeroom teacher.

"Sir, Seohyun is not here!" Jonghyun said. He's actually had a crush on Seohyun since she moved here. He lives just a few blocks from Seohyun's and my house. So, we always walk home together. Hurm, I look at Seohyun's place. She's really not here. Is she having a problem? Hurm…

"You, the one who sits beside Seohyun, come here." Mr. Jaebum pointed to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun walked to the front of class. "Can you please find Seohyun?" Kyuhyun just nodded his head. I walked to him and talk about something.

Donghae's POV

Kyuhyun's face looked so worried. Why? Is he falling in
love with Seohyun? Haha. It's good to see him fall in love with girl after her girlfriend; Juhyun just left him without news. Okay, not girlfriend, but his first love. Poor Kyuhyun. He didn’t had chance to confess. Suddenly, Jessica walked to him. What? Don't say that Jessica likes him. Oh my. TT.TT

Kyuhyun's POV

"If you still don't find her, try finding her at the rooftop of this building. Okay?" Jessica said to me.
"Okay." I just nod and walked out from the class.

Where are this girl go? She always makes me worry about her. I try to find her everywhere but she's not there. I'm already out of breathing. Yeah, the rooftop! She must be there. I run up the stairs. So tired, but I tried my hardest to find her. Yeah! Finally I made it to the rooftop. I'm not an athlete so I'm really tired now. This scenery from here is so beautiful. So calm. Then, I saw a girl standing with her hair flowing because of the wind.

"Seohyun?" I come near to that girl.
“Don’t come here!” I’m startled by her statement. Sometimes she good, sometimes she cold. Aishhhh, I don’t understand this girl.

“I don’t understand why you suddenly run away and missing just like that?”

She just stand still. “Sorry. Sorry for running away without telling you and making you worry.” Finally, she speaks.

“It’s just that I’m so embarassed just now. On first day of school but already doing something embarassed.”  She blushed. She is so cute. Seriously, she just like Juhyun. Should I ask her now?

“Let’s go to the class now or Mr. Jaebeum will mad at me for late bringing you back to the class.”
“Okay.” She replied. “Can I ask you something, Seohyun?” “What?”
“Where did you get the necklace?”
 “Oh, my parents gave it to me. Why?”
“Oh, nothing.”
Maybe I’m mistaken.

Seohyun POV

Phewww, great! Luckily he did not ask further or I’ll slip my tongue. Seriously, didn’t change at all. A simple-minded guy.  We are going back to our class. I’m sure Jessica worrying about me right now. 


okay, this chapter maybe a bit long~ :)
anyway, enjoy :D

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