01 July 2012

Season of Love Chapter 1

Assalamualaikum :) 

Season of Love 

Fateful Meeting  

"Seohyun!!! Where are our breakfast??? We're hungry!!" Heechul shouted from the kitchen. 

Seohyun who are in her room getting ready for her first day of second year high school, shocked. "Omo, how can I forget to make breakfast? I'm too excited for my first day. Hehehe." "Yes oppa! I'm coming right away!"

She's going to the kitchen and sees her siblings already waited for her at dining table. Waiting for their breakfast. Wait, not a real sibling. Foster sibling. Kim Heechul, Kim Hyoyeon, Kim Taeyeon and Kim Ryeowook. She walk straight to the fridge and take ingredients for the breakfast and doing it in flash. She can feel the cold gaze of Heechul and Hyoyeon even if she didn’t face them. Taeyeon and Ryeowook just looking at  Seohyun since they can’t do anything. They’re acting cold to Seohyun in front of Heechul and Hyoyeon but in reality  they are in good terms with her. After washing the dishes, she takes her bag and goes to the shoe rack.

Hyoyeon who already wear her shoes says, "Seohyun, don't forget to buy groceries and cook dinner. We're going to make party tonight. So, make sure you don't come back home late."

"Yes, unnie. Don't worry. I'll will." Then, Seohyun walks to school.

Seohyun's POV

Aishhh. What a boring life. Live with my four foster siblings. After my foster parents died in car accident, I'm the only one whose do all the chores.  They always treat me as as their maid than their sister. I'm really sick of them. But, what can I do?? I got to move on my life. Seohyun! You can do it! HWAITING! I look at my watch. OMO!!! I'm already late. Jessica will mad at me. I run and after 3 minutes running, finally I arrived at school. Yeay! I made it on time. Better I look for Jessica. We already promise that we're going to meet up at school canteen. While walking, suddenly, 

"Ouch!" Someone bumped me from behind. I fell. It's really hurt. My knee is bleeding. 
"I'm sorry!" That person say sorry. I don't want to spoil my mood so I just take my bag and clean my uniform. When I turn around and say "it's okk…." I can't continue my words….. because that person is someone that I don't want to see again?? I just freeze and standing there like my breathe had taken from him…

Kyuhyun's POV

What's wrong with this girl?? Am I wearing weird clothes? No way, I'm wearing this school uniform. I try to talk to her. "Hello!" I'm waving my hand in front of her face. But, there's no reaction. "Are you okay??" I'm started to worry about her. Suddenly, the girl just runs away without knowing her name. The girl is so cute, pretty & beautiful. Her long silky hair reminds me of someone... Juhyun.

Ahhhh! Better I go to the office and wait for Donghae there. Well, Donghae is my best friend and we just got moved to this new school because our parents get new job here in Seoul (our parents best friends and worked at the same place). Right now I'm in the one of the famous school in Korea, Seoul High School. I know that Juhyun study here too. So, I must use this opportunity to find her. Juhyun, the girl that I love to tease and make prank on her, but she also the one that I love. I hope that I can find her and tell her my true feeling. I just continue my journey to the office. 

Seohyun's POV

Is that him?? NO! I don't think it's him. He's still staying in Jeonju right? 

"Seohyun!" I heard someone's voice. Oh my, I'm spacing out again. I try to find the owner of the voice. Jessica, who's sitting at the one of the table in the canteen, waves her hand. I flash a smile and walks to her. 

End of Seohyun's POV

"Hye Seohyun!" Jessica greeted with a big smile. 
"Hye Jessica! Omo! I miss you so much!" 
"I miss you too. Wow, you're getting prettier my dear!" 
"You too. Let's go to see which class we studying this year!"
"Ok, but let me finish my breakfast too." "Ok."

After Jessica finished her breakfast, they walk together to the office board to see their class. When they arrived there, they quickly find their names and,

“Hey! I’m in 2-A. How about you , Jessica?” Seohyun asked.
“2-A too!” Jessica smile widely.
"Yeay! We're in the same class again this year! I want to sit together with you." Seohyun said.

"Of course Seohyun!"

They hugged together. They have been a best friend since Seohyun moved here with her foster parents. Actually, the distance of their house only a few blocks.

Jessica's POV

I look at the list and found Kim Ryeowook and Kim Taeyeon are also in my class. They're twin and they are noisy person. Talking non stop. I don't know how Seohyun can stand them at home. Sohee, Hara, Nicole, Minho, Key, and Jonghyun same class with me. But, there are two names that take my attention. Cho Kyuhyun and Lee Donghae. I ask "Seohyun, did you know those two names?" I point to the names on the list... Seohyun look at where I pointed and suddenly she turned pale. "Seohyun??" She seems thinking about something...Something that I don't know…….

Seohyun's POV

CHO KYUHYUN! That's it! It's really him. Oh man. What I'm suppose to  do right now? 
"Seohyun?" "Yes?"
"You look pale... Are you alright? Is there something that I don't know?" Jessica asked me.
"Nothing. I'm okay. Don't worry." I fake a smile. 

We have been a best friend for 4 years and our friendship is based on this words "Your secret is my secret and don't let the one disappointed the others" I'm sorry Jessica, there's one secret that I can't tell you now. I'll tell you when I'm ready enough.

"Let's go to our class Sica. We only have 5 minutes left." "Ok"

We walk together to 2-A, our new class. When we arrived there, everyone already there. Except the two students. Jessica and I walk into the class and take seat at the second back of the class. We talk about what club should we join while wait for our homeroom teacher.

End of Seohyun's POV

The class is so noisy. But then, the class return silent when they heard footsteps. That is the homeroom teacher and two students that seem new to them.

"Hi students. Welcome back to school. I'm Park Gyuri and I will be your homeroom teacher for this year. So, I hope that we can cooperate well." The teacher starts her speech.

"This teacher is called goddess of beauty. She's really beautiful, right Jonghyun?" Key whisper to Jonghyun. Jonghyun just nod, agree with Key. His eyes didn't blink. He's so into her. 

"Okay, and we have two new students that just moved here. So, please introduce yourself." The teacher walks to her table and sit. One tall and one just in average height. The tall guy introduces himself, "Hello, my name is Cho Kyuhyun. I hope we can get along. Thank you." The other guy say, "Hi everyone, I'm Lee Donghae. Just call me Donghae. I’m from Jeonju. I hope we can be friends and hope you can help me in study. I'm not the type of clever person."

"Thank you. So you can sit at the back of this class." Ms. Gyuri said.

As they heading to the back of the classroom, they heard many voices saying
"Omo, they are so cute and handsome!"
"I must get their number."
"Oh my GOD! He totally my type"

Donghae wink to some female students while walking toward his seat. “I’m sure I can be famous here” he smirked. Kyuhyun just smile hearing Donghae. They sit at the back of the class; behind Seohyun & Jessica...

Donghae's POV

Wow! The girl in front me is so beautiful. Blonde hair and she has gorgeous vibe.  

"Okay guys, I want to rearrange the seat. So, boys, you must sit with girls and vice versa." Ms.Gyuri says after Kyuhyun and I take our seat.

This is my chance. I get up and go to the blonde-haired girl, "Miss, can I sit beside you?"

"Why not? Seohyun, sorry that we can't sit together this year." She looks at me and then looks at her friend. 

The girl beside her say,"It's okay Jessica. It's a new experience for us since we're always sitting together."

Jessica. What a beautiful name. Jessica's friend get up from her seat and say, "Please take care of my friend." She smile and bowed to me. What a polite girl. 

“Can we choose the front seat?  I’m not the kind that will pay attention in class when I sit behind.” I make a suggestion.

“Why not? Well, I don’t like behind seat too. It’s hard to see the teacher.” She flashed her smile.Wow! She has an angelic smile. :)

Seohyun's POV

Aisssh! Where should I seat? 
"Seohyun! Come and sit with me!" Jonghyun, Key and Minho say in unison.

I just laugh. When I walk to them at the same thinking with who I should sit, I see Nicole, Sohee and Hara already sit beside them. 

"Sorry Seohyun! We' already booked this place," this time it's their turn to say in unison. 
"It's okay guys!" I look around the class and try to find seat that are available.

“Yes, Ms. Gyuri.”
“There is 1 seat available at the back of the class. I think you the only one that didn’t get your seat yet.” Ms. Gyuri talked.
I’m so embarassed. Huhuhu. Babo Seohyun. I quickly go to the empty seat and sit. 

“Okay, I give you guys 10 minutes to get know your partner. I have some task for you guys. But, I’ll talk about it later. So, get know your partner because you are going to work together for this whole year.” Ms. Gyuri.

Ms. Gyuri give the whole class time to get know our partner. I just don't care about my partner. I look at Jessica. She's having nice time with her partner. What his name? Donghae? Yeah. Donghae. I just don't have interest in boys because I don't want the same things happens to me again.

"Hey", my partner greets me. Even though I am not interested, I try to make conversation with him. I’m dead when Ms. Gyuri notice that I’m not doing anything.

“Hi.” I flashed my sweetest smile and turn to him.
“I’m Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun. And you? “ He asked.


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