16 July 2012

SOL chapter 4

Assalamualaikum :)


Seohyun walked back to her class to take her bag after Music lesson finished. She had promised Kyuhyun that they will meet up after school. Kyuhyun is in class C meanwhile Seohyun is in class A. Usually, Seohyun will go to Kyuhyun’s class and walked home together. Kyuhyun usually wait for her in the class.

Seohyun’s POV

Yay! I can’t wait to see Kyuhyun today. Even if I see him every day, I’m still happy and never get tired of it. This is the first time I got a boyfriend. I’m not a beautiful girl. I got many pimples on my face and I’m wearing a big and thick glasses. I have really bad eyesight. I think that I’m not suitable for him and I’m still wondering why he choose instead of other girls.

When I want to open Kyuhyun class’s door I heard voices of boys laughing hard. What are they talking about? I must hear this.
“Hey, are you going out with that chick?” One boy said.
“Chick? She’s a girl, okay.” I know this voice. Kyuhyun!
“Since when you’re at her side, Kyu?”
“No, it’s just that I want to be fair. Calling Juhyun a chick, I can’t accept it.” He said.
“Wow! Are you like her, Kyuhyun?”
“Me??? Hahahaahahha. No way man! Never!” What? No? Then what’s the meaning of this necklace, Kyu?

End of Seohyun’s POV

Kyuhyun’s POV

“You guys don’t know how clever she is. Because of her, I get flying colours for my exam. I’m just lucky to meet her at the park.” My friends dropped their mouth when I told them...
Juhyun, mianhae~ 
I need to do this otherwise I’ll be thrown away by my friends. Honestly,   I really love you. I really love you for just the way you are.
“Who’s there?” The boys asking.
OMG! I look my watch. OMO! I should walk home together with Juhyun. She must have been waiting me.
I rushed to the door and opened it.
I saw Juhyun walked away. She must have heard my conversation
 I took my bag. I must chase her.
I should told them the truth, now it’s ruined. I NEED TO EXPLAIN TO HER.  I don’t want to disappoint her and lose her. This is the first time that I have a close girlfriend.

End of Kyuhyun’s POV

 “Kyu, where are you going?” “I want to chase Juhyun.”
“What? You said that you don’t like her.”
“I’m sorry guys but I really like her. I know that you guys may hate me after this. But I don’t care. I don’t want to hurt her. She’s really precious to me.” Kyuhyun ran and left the classroom.
“WTH with that guy? I think he’s blind.”
“Let him be. We don’t lose anything even if he’s not here.” One voice exclaimed.
“Yeah” The others just nod their head.

“Juhyun! Wait for me!” Kyuhyun ran after her.
Juhyun turn and shouted, “What do you want from me? Just go away and never show you face in front of me again!”
Kyuhyun pulled Juhyun hand, “Wait! You must listen to my explanation first,”
“No! Just let me go, okay?” Juhyun pulled her hand from Kyuhyun and ran away from him.
Kyuhyun tried to chase after her, but he lost her step. Kyuhyun just sighed and walked to his home.

At the meantime, Juhyun ran and ran with tears flowing.
‘How dare you, Kyuhyun. I really trust you. I really love you and this is what you give me? I really can’t accept it!’ her heart cried.
She stopped running and walking thinking about Kyuhyun.
When she across a road, she seems so thoughtless and didn’t notice a fast car moving towards her and ….

The car crashed her, and she can only hear “Are you alright, kid?” Then, she did not remember anything….

Seohyun’s POV

Where am I? Oh, my head hurt!
I saw a woman sleeping at the chair beside me. I look around. I’m not really familiar with this surrounding. Then, the woman beside me wakes up.
“Oh my, you had waked up!” She shouted and hugged me.
“Who are you? And why I’m here? I don’t understand. Can you explain to me?” I feel like an idiot asking this stupid question but I must know the truth. I’m really confused.
A doctor come into my room and said “Girl, you had been in coma for 2 months. And you had a very bad condition after that accident happened. You had damages on your face and we had already done plastic surgery and fix your face.”
I turned my face to the mirror and I was really shocked that my face had become prettier. I smiled to myself and grateful to God that I’m still alive.
“Seo Juhyun, you can go back to your home now.” The doctor said.
I’m glad that I can go back to the orphanage. I really miss Ms. Choi, the manager. She’s like a mom to me. She must have been worried about me.
“I’m sorry Juhyun. My husband and I were the one that made you become like this. We are so sorry.” That woman said.
“It’s okay, madam. I think that’s my fault too. I was not aware of your car.” I said.
“Thanks Juhyun. By the way, I’m Ms. Kim. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Seo Juhyun. Nice to meet you too, Ms.Kim.”
“Let me send you to your house. Let’s pack your things first. I just nodded my head.
In the car, “Where do you live, Juhyun?”
“I live at an orphanage, madam.”
“In Jeonju, right?” I nodded my head to her question.
She continues her driving and I just look at the nature.
When arrived there, I met Ms. Choi and hugged her. I really miss her so much!
At first she was shocked when she saw me. But when Ms. Kim told her the whole story, she understands. After that, I went to my room and sat on the bed. Suddenly, I thought about Kyuhyun. I touched my neck and noticed that silver necklace still with me. I want to throw it away, but I don’t have heart to do that because I really love him. But, I don’t want to see him anymore because it makes my heart hurt more.

“Tok! Tok!” I heard a knock at my door. Ms.Choi and Ms.Kim come into my room.
“What’re you doing, dear?” “Nothing, madam.” I smiled at her.
“I have something to talk to you.” “What it is madam?”
“Ms.Kim wants to take you as her foster child. Do you want to? I must ask your permission first.” Ms.Choi explained.
Yeah! This is my chance run from Kyuhyun and start a new life. I want to forget this painful memories.
“Yeah! I’d love too, Ms.Choi!”
 “And can I change my name from Juhyun to Seohyun?”
“It’s just I think that Seohyun fit well with Kim’s family than Juhyun.”
“I think that’s a good idea Seohyun. I’m agreeing with that!” Ms.Kim exclaimed.
“Okay, since Ms.Kim already agrees, I can’t do anything.” Yes! I’m glad that she approves it.
“But please don’t tell anyone that I’ve changed my name. I want to live a new life with Ms.Kim’s family. If anyone asks about me, can you say that I’ve been transferred to another orphanage?” I told her.
“Don’t worry.”
“Let’s pack your things.” “Okay.”

30 minutes later…

“Bye Ms.Choi. I’ll come visit you next time.”
“Okay. Please take care of yourself.”
The car left the orphanage and go to my new house, Seoul.

End of Seohyun’s POV

Kyuhyun’s POV

I really miss her. How is she? 
It’s been 2 months since she absent from school.
I must go to the orphanage tomorrow and ask the manager there.

End of Kyuhyun’s POV

“Hello, can I meet the manager please?” Kyuhyun asked.“Yes, I’m the manager here.” Ms. Choi answered.“Can I meet Juhyun, madam?” “I’m sorry boy. She had been transferred to other orphanage, boy. Who are you by the way?”
“I’m Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun. I’m Juhyun’s friend.” Kyuhyun exclaimed.
“Oh. I’m sorry dear. But, she’s transferred to Seoul. I hope that information can help you, young boy.” Ms.Choi trying to help because she pitied Kyuhyun. He looks so desperate.
“Thank you, Madam.” Kyuhyun flashed a smiled and go.

End of flashback

“And that’s how I met you and now we’re bestfriends, Jessica.” Seohyun turned to Jessica; her mind seems fly away, she just stared.
“I really hope that we can stop talking about this. I don’t want to remember it anymore. I just want to be happy.” Seohyun look at the sky that really relieves her stress.

“Kyuhyun, let’s go! Recess over.” Donghae tapped his shoulder made him come back to reality.
“Okay, let’s go.” They walk away from the cafeteria….

 Till then, Assalamualaikum

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